Our Earlier Work

This is an edited list of recent publications about overdiagnosis and overtreatment from our team. You can access a more complete list of each investigator’s publications by visiting the Chief Investigator or Associate Investigator pages.

Chief Investigators

1. Barratt, A (2015) Perspective: The risks of overdiagnosis, Nature, 527, S104 (19 November 2015) doi:10.1038/527S104a

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6. Doubt J. Overdiagnosis: the view from inside primary care, September 17 2012

Book Chapters/Sections

1. Morgan DJ, Brownlee S, Leppin A, Kressin N, Dhruva S, Levin L, Landon B, Zezza MA, Schmidt H, Saini V, Elshaug AG. Understanding Overdiagnosis, Overtreatment and Medical Overuse: A Consensus-derived Research Agenda. BMJ, 2015 Aug 25;351:h4534.

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Associate Investigators

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